Less Caffeine

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't autonomously drink coffee, espresso, or hot cocoa if they should be sleeping.

Update to prevent looping--grab a cup, take one sip, put cup down, take another cup, etc.

If it is within 8 hours of a sim's wake time, the sim will not drink caffeinated beverages. Wake time is determined by sleepclock (if one is found) or defaults to 6 am (if sleepclock is not installed or one is not assigned to that sim). Sims will be allowed to caffeinate if there are no free beds.

This means your average sim with a wakeup time of 6 am will not drink coffee, etc. after 10 pm.

This mod also prevents servos from ever drinking these beverages.

These changes will not work for custom coffee makers, tea sets, or any other energy boosting drink.

LAST UPDATE: January 15, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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