Biotech Fix

DESCRIPTION: Makes the biotech station train logic continuously rather than producing medicine that is bugged so doesn't cure sickness anyhow. Sims can use it for hours just like other training objects. It will produce a vial of medicine at the end, but it will be junk medicine that can only be disposed of. Never produces medicine that will make sims sick.

Includes the hobby enthusiasm from Free Time but can also be used with anything back to the base game.

LAST UPDATE: March 19, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

COMPATIBLE MODS: In theory this mod is compatible with the Biotech Medicine Fix at MATY since the two mods change different things, but in practice there's no reason to use them both. My mod prevents usable medicine from being manufactured so his mod, which fixes the broken medicine, would never have any effect.

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