Social Push Tweaks

DESCRIPTION: Prevents certain social actions from pushing commands on the target right away, messing up stacked social commands.

When you try to stack a bunch of social commands sometimes the target becomes stuck. This is because sometimes the game pushes the action on the target right away rather than when the command comes up in the initiating sim's command queue. So let's say you give the commands Gossip, Joke, Friendly Hug, Dance Together. Both sims would stand there doing nothing. This is because the game pushes Dance Together immediately so Sim A is trying to Gossip but Sim B is trying to Dance Together.

This mod prevents social actions from jumping the queue and blocking commands. This version covers Dance Together and Dirty Joke. A future version will add Water Balloon and Snowball Fights, as well as other commands as I come across them.

Unfortunately this mod requires Apartment Life since AL made some changes to how social actions are set up and there is no easy way to support older EPs.

LAST UPDATE: April 27, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Apartment Life

COMPATIBLE EPs: Apartment Life

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