Dance Advertising Tweaks

DESCRIPTION: Balances how attractive different dances are to sims. No more constant slap dancing.

My sims would slap dance to the complete exclusion of other dance types. I realized that's because EA made slap dance and hula much, much more attractive than other dances, presumably in an effort to say "hey look at the new stuff".

This mod balances the dances to make them equally attractive to a typical sim. Sims will prefer certain dances based on personality and skill, but not as strongly as the horribly unbalanced slap dance advertising:

  • Outgoing - Dance Together
  • Playful - Smustle
  • Charisma - Dance Solo
  • Creativity - Hula
  • Body - Slap Dance

Also fixes the bug in smustle that prevented it from advertising more strongly to people with high Music & Dance enthusiasm like the other dances do.

Slap dance is still a bit more common than I would like, but that's probably because I'm hypersensitive to it.

LAST UPDATE: May 3, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

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