Cyjon's noeatcrap

DESCRIPTION: Pescado's noeatcrap modified to work with the latest version of my No Spoiled Food.

Updated to add the EP check fixes I claimed I had put in before. Not necessary to redownload if you have FreeTime or Apartment Life.

Although I frequently mod other people's mods I rarely post them. In this case, Pescado's mod (available at MATY) indirectly conflicts with my spoiled food mod by stopping sims from eating food when my mod allows it. However I liked his idea of high Active people knowing when to stop eating so I didn't want to force people to stop using it.

Of course that means you need to put up with my little tweaks:

  • The Active threshold has been lowered from 6 to 5, so sims of Active 5 or more will stop eating when full.
  • Pregnant sims will keep eating regardless of Active level.
  • I fixed his EP checks which were never updated with the changes introduced by IKEA and Apartment Life

LAST UPDATE: April 28, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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