Smarter Food Serving

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be more logical when deciding how many servings to lay out on the table.

Updated to fix a problem when serving gelatin, and to put in a missing EP check.

Served meals still have the normal 6 servings, but individual plates will not be put out for:

  • sims at work or otherwise off the property
  • the penguin
  • NPCs on the job
  • sleeping sims
  • servos and other robots
  • plantsims
  • ungreeted guests
  • babies
  • toddlers not in high chairs
  • ghosts

Other features of this mod:

  • Servers reserve one serving for themselves unless the cook is a servo or plantsim, an NPC on the job (like a butler or a nanny), or if the cook isn't hungry (Hunger is above 75%)
  • Sims won't get into the weird loop where they autonomously prepare a group meal, but aren't hungry enough to actually serve the food once cooked, leading to hours of a sim picking up the platter and putting it back down
  • Sims can't take free meals off empty platters
  • Sims serve only to placeholders - invisible objects which trigger the "wait for food" interaction. This may solve the problem of apartment dwellers serving to tables all over the property, but I don't play apartments anymore so I'm not 100% positive.

KNOWN ISSUE: Food which already exists when this mod is installed may (or may not) get messed up. Plates of food will show Resume Cooking instead of Eat, but Resume Cooking does nothing. The food can only be thrown away. Leftovers affected by this bug disappear from the sim's hand when removed from the fridge. The biggest problem I had was a cafeteria worker who had been in the middle of preparing a meal. Several hours later, I realized he was still stirring the same pot of spaghetti, which had spoiled on the stove, and the students were getting cranky from hunger. I had properties where all existing food got messed up, others where none of it did, and still others where some plates did while others from the same serving didn't. This affects only pre-existing food, and I'm unsure why it does this. Future meals will be fine.

LAST UPDATE: April 26, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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