No Effects

DESCRIPTION: Removes several of the game's visual effects such as floating notes by stereos.

Updated to tweak the DJ booth.

The zip file contains several packages. Put the ones you want in Downloads and dump the rest.

-Stereo eliminates the floating musical notes and speaker vibrations from all stereos (including custom ones), the karaoke machine, and the modular synth.

-DJBooths eliminates visual effects for DJ booths. It affects EA booths only, not custom DJ booths. This is separate from Stereo because it uses a different technique. You must also get DJ Booth Fixes for this piece to work. If you should remove this particular piece of the mod, you'll need to sell and rebuy all your DJ booths to get visual effects back.

-Zone eliminates the glow and sound from being in The Zone.

These were created when I was disappointed by other "no effects" mods. Other mods kill the effects, but also prevent existing effects from being stopped. This requires selling and buying stereos, or saving when sims are not in a certain state.

My "no effects" mods stop only the initiation of effects. The game can still turn off existing animations.

On my to do list are musical instruments, toddler xylophone, microphone, and sleeping ZZZ. Of course they have been on my to do list for a long time.

LAST UPDATE: October 10, 2011

REQUIRED EPs: None, other than having the EPs to cause the special effects in the first place (e.g. FreeTime to use Zone). However, it won't hurt your game to install these mods without the corresponding EPs. They will just do nothing in that case.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from base game through Apartment Life.

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