Beauty Wish Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Adds sanity checks to the sims who visit after a wish for beauty. No more vacation locals traveling thousands of miles just to hang out by your mailbox and peek through your windows.

Update to force the wish controller to self destruct if the beautiful sim moves out.

Sim selection will be random rather than using EA's half-assed method of simply marching down the character list. Visitors will be chosen only from townies, downtownies, social sims and playables.

Visitors will not include:

  • Sims without an appropriate gender preference
  • Vampires during daylight hours
  • Sims banned with the Visitor Controller from Simbology
  • Sims carrying the Simlogical Prisoner Token

WARNING: Do not add this mod to a game where any sim has an active beauty wish. If you do, the chemistry aspect of the beauty wish will become permanent.

KNOWN ISSUE: It's best if you don't move a beautiful sim off the property during the 4-day duration of the wish. Doing so breaks the wish, and the chemistry boost becomes permanent. This is an EA bug that would be difficult to fix, and nothing to do with this mod.

Stuck chemistry from either issue above can be fixed by getting Cyjon's Debugger and choosing "Fix.../Orphan Beauty Wishes".

LAST UPDATE: October 2, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

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