Turn On/Turn Off Selection

DESCRIPTION: Implements a more rationale approach to selection of turn ons and turn offs, which I collectively call TOs.

Updated to add witches.

This works on any newly created sim aged teen or older including townies, downtownies, and NPCs. It also works on newly aged teens, playable or not. It won't work on CAS sims nor will it reroll the TOs for existing sims.

The steps below include EP checks so an inappropriate TO cannot be selected. For example, to have a zombie TO it would check that you have both Bon Voyage or later for the extended TOs and University for zombies.

It first selects 4 TOs. The first is hair color. The second is facial feature (facial hair, makeup, costume makeup, hat, glasses, jewelry). The third is body type (20% fit, 20% fat, 10% each of zombie, vampire, servo, werewolf, plantsim, witch). The last is skill (the 7 skill TOs plus Unemployed and Hard Worker). My system deliberately excludes clothing and smell TOs.

One of these at random is thrown out. If you don't have Bon Voyage or later than the skill TO will be excluded automatically.

Of the remaining three, one is chosen at random to be the turn off and the other two are turn ons. Sims are more likely to choose Fat, Grey Hair, Unemployed and Zombie as turn offs and less likely to choose Fit, Hard Worker and Charismatic.

LAST UPDATE: February 8, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: Nightlife or later.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Nightlife through Apartment Life.

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