Genie Initialization Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a critical EA bug regarding genie creation.

Genies are not set up as NPCs correctly when they are first initialized. The most obvious effect is the Visitor Controller from Simbology will zap summoned genies if you ban adults. This bug may also leave genies open to other, more dangerous actions that can corrupt your entire game installation since the genie is an object rather than a sim.

After installing this mod be sure to dismiss any currently summoned genies and resummon them to incorporate this fix.

This fix is included in New Genie Wishes so you don't need this mod if you use that.

LAST UPDATE: April 14, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

CJ-GenieInitializationFix.zip445 bytes