Clean Neighborhoods

DESCRIPTION: These are copies of Riverblossom Hills (from Seasons) and Desiderata Valley (from FreeTime) that have been cleaned of excess characters. They include only the playable sims with no townies or NPCs. Installation instructions are included in each zip.

To keep your neighborhoods clean you should consider installing antiredundancy and notownieregen. If you have Pets you should get nostrayrespawn and if you have University get nodormieregen and nossrepawn. These are all available at More Awesome Than You.

You may also want the blank stealth hood templates at K and B Designs.

LAST UPDATE: August 19, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: Seasons for G001 or FreeTime for F001.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the required EP through Apartment Life.

DISCLAIMER: These were slapped together pretty quickly and I had only a vague idea of what I was doing. Rather than downloading these I'd suggest you look at meetme2theriver's clean neighborhoods. I haven't looked at them myself but it sounds like those versions are cleaner than mine.

G001.zip14.81 MB
F001.zip20.13 MB