Visitors Behave

DESCRIPTION: Restricts some of the more absurd visitor behaviors, most of which were introduced in FreeTime

Update to fix an EA bug with distance greeting.

Visitors can no longer use the dance bar (either the buyable one or the career reward), violin, DJ booth, computer, cauldron, spell book, or tent (they can be asked into a tent). They also cannot greet visitors or fish (they can join existing fishing).

These restrictions do not apply to NPCs on the job or to community lots. It includes saner code to prevent resident sims from constantly starting/stopping the dance bar, blogging or surfing the web.

This mod also fixes an EA bug in BFF distance greets. Unfortunately I have to include that here instead of releasing as a separate mod.

LAST UPDATE: September 19, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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