Brothel Woohoo

DESCRIPTION: Sims can now open a brothel and make money at the world's oldest profession.

Updated with improved pie menu.

Initiate Brothel Woohoo in one of the following ways:

  • Like regular woohoo: relax in bed, ask a valid partner to join (see below), click on other person and select Brothel Woohoo.
  • The new way: relax in bed, click on yourself, a menu appears showing all valid partners and fees, click on a name, wait for the person to come over. Brothel Woohoo will be initiated automatically

Brothel Woohoo is different from normal woohoo and will be available if all of the following are true:

  • Lot has an open business (community or home business)
  • One sim is a customer and the other is the business owner, a member of the owner's family or an employee
  • The sims both have an appropriate gender preference, aren't blood relatives and have at least one bolt of chemistry.

You don't need to designate a business as a brothel. Since you have to relax in a double bed to get the menu, it seemed pointless to add some kind of property designation. For that reason, brothel woohoo can occur only in bed. I won't be extending it to hot tubs, cars, etc.

There are no relationship requirements other than no blood relatives. Sims can be strangers or even enemies. It can be initiated whether you are running the business or visiting a community brothel as a customer. There is no way for a business owner to have employees do brothel woohoo, but if you visit a brothel any of the employees are fair game.

Brothel woohoo must be directed by the player. It is not autonomous.

Brothel woohoo does not show a cinematic even if you have them turned on, and does not trigger jealousy since that would be too complicated for a business owner to keep track of. Participants will shoo other sims, but woohoo will proceed even if other sims don't leave.

The customer gets all the normal benefits of woohoo plus a loyalty boost. The worker gets all the negative aspects such as the energy drain, but none of the positive ones. Workers do not get a woohoo memory so this will not satisfy woohoo wants or LTWs. Remember - it's pleasure for the customer, but just a job to the worker.

The fee received is equal to the chemistry between the two people multiplied by the business level. For level 0 businesses, the fee is chemistry divided by two. You might want to get Cyjon's Debugger which displays with both brothel fees and brothel reject reasons.

STRATEGIES: I've run a home brothel up to level 5 and a community one to level 10. Here are a few tips.

  • Put in a bandatron. The little bit of income you get from that is a big help in the early days when brothel fees are low.
  • Customers have other needs. A bar, buffet, bathrooms, chairs, and some other fun activities will give customers a reason to stay longer.
  • Environment score is very important for non-retail businesses. Keep the place nicely decorated and tidy to drive up customer satisfaction.
  • Know your limits. Woohoo is exhausting to your workers. I limit each person to three clients per day, maybe four if a particularly lucrative customer shows up.
  • Chat up the customers. No it's not required before woohoo, but a little socialization is another way to bring up customer rating.
  • Romance is a bad aspiration for the owner. Brothel woohoo doesn't satisfy woohoo wants so it will be hard to keep a Romance sim happy. My brothel owner is Wealth, but Popularity might be good too.
  • I use the customer selector from MATY to ensure I get customers of the proper gender preference.
  • I recommend Less Complaining so sims won't jump out of bed only to whine about the rumpled sheets.
  • Love potions and beauty cocktails don't last long enough to be worth it, but the genie's beauty wish is a gold mine!

VERSIONS: There are no longer separate teen and adult versions. If you have a mod to allow teen woohoo (Woohoo Teens or Inteenimator), then teens will appear on the menu. If not, then they won't.


  • You may find sometimes there is a sim you can do normal romantic actions with, including woohoo, but who is not eligible for brothel woohoo. The reason is EA has different definitions of "family" for romantic actions and for attraction calculation. Annoying but not easily fixable, and not a byproduct of this mod.
  • If you use the new menu to give a Brothel Woohoo command and then cancel it, the other person will still come over, lie in bed, and then immediately get out. I can't figure out how to cancel the command during the routing stage.
  • If the bed is unmade when the other sim arrives, sometimes the sheets magically jump the made state. I have no idea why this happens but it's not really worth fixing.

LAST UPDATE: April 30, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Open For Business through Apartment Life.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to twojeffs from Simbology. The code in ACR helped me understand how to create a new woohoo action. My EP check is blatantly stolen from Pescado at MATY.

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