DJ Booth Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes several bugs with DJ booths.

The bugs fixed are:

  • Booths on business lots won't be left "in use" by departing employees. This won't fix custom DJ booths, but the custom booth creator can implement the same changes to fix their own creations.
  • FreeTime DJ booth will satisfy DJ wants. This won't fix custom DJ booths, which will either work or not depending on which booth they were cloned from.
  • Sims will dance in front of rather than behind the FreeTime DJ booth. This won't fix custom DJ booths, and unfortunately neither I nor a custom booth creator can do anything about it.

I am not going to add the dance contest to the Nightlife DJ booth as it would a require lot of code changes.

LAST UPDATE: October 10, 2011

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from OFB through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

CJ-DJBoothFixes.zip2.5 KB