Practice Perform Changes

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter when using musical instruments and deciding between Practice and Perform.

Updated to prevent more stop/start looping, to fix compatibility with pre-FreeTime EPs, and to have sims in owned businesses Perform longer before quitting.

Sims follow roughly the following logic, in order of priority:

  • If another sim is Performing, other sims will join the band and Perform as well.
  • Sims who need Creativity for promotions will Practice
  • Sims with maxed out Creativity will Perform
  • Sims who meet none of the above criteria can select either mode

I suggest you use No Home Buskers as well so sims don't place tip jars at home, but it's not required.

Designed to replace No Auto Perform so is not compatible with that mod.

LAST UPDATE: April 16, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from OFB through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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