Non-Townie Outfits

DESCRIPTION: Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims. They can still be chosen by the player. I've separated them into separate files so you don't have to take all of them if you don't want to.

Dragon affects the dragon outfits from Family Fun Stuff.

Floaties makes the kids swim floaties from Family Fun Stuff swimwear only, not everyday wear.

Holiday affects baby new year, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus outfits from the Holiday Party Pack.

Veils covers the teen and adult female hairstyles from Celebrations and Glamour Life that have veils. It also marks them as hats for turnon purposes.

Nightcaps affects the child nightcaps from Family Fun Stuff and also marks them as hats.

LAST UPDATE: July 6, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: As indicated in the descriptions above, but downloading one of these files if you don't have the appropriate EP/SP is harmless.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

CJ-NonTownieOutfits-Dragon.zip872 bytes
CJ-NonTownieOutfits-Floaties.zip827 bytes
CJ-NonTownieOutfits-Holiday.zip949 bytes
CJ-NonTownieOutfits-Veils.zip2.63 KB
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