Smarter EP Check

DESCRIPTION: Creates a new, more robust and accurate Expansion Pack and Stuff Pack check.

This mod by itself does nothing, but will be required by many of my future mods.

I have resisted doing this because it's a pain for users to have to download an extra file, and of course someone isn't going to read instructions and wonder why my mods don't work*. However it's just too hard to keep recreating EP checks in every mod.

Many mods posted after March 2011 will require this to run correctly. I will try to remember to mark which ones need it, but I'm fairly absent minded. I recommend you just download this now to be safe.

This check is based on Pescado's "CT - Game Engine - EP X" used in many of his mods, but I've made a few tweaks including a more comprehensive and accurate stuff pack check.

Modders are welcome to design their mods to use my EP check. Read Getting SimPE To Recognize Smarter EP Check and How To Use Smarter EP Check for more information.

* Sure enough. Within six months of release, fully 90% of the complaints I hear about my mods are from people who ignore the bold print instructions right above the place they click to download a mod, so didn't download this as well. SMH

LAST UPDATE: April 1, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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