Smarter Chair Selection

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter about choosing where to sit during activities like reading and eating pizza.

Update for smarter seat selection when listening to music.

Sims will prefer, in order, seats in the room, in the apartment (if appropriate), indoors, anywhere. Within a category, sims will choose unattached chairs (like sofas and easy chairs) over seats scooted up to dining tables, bars, desks, game tables, etc.

Activities directly affected are using books (reading or studying), pizza, Chinese food, refrigerator snacks, instant meal, coffee, hot chocolate and espresso. It will indirectly affect chair choices in all activities.

This mod also affects seat selection sims listening to musical instruments. There will be no change in pre-OFB games--sims will still stand when listening to music. If you have OFB or later, then sims will sit when listening to music and will be smarter about choosing reasonable seats.

To get the same behavior for newspapers, you need Cancel Paper.

KNOWN CONFLICTS: Chinese & Coffee Sit Down Fix by twojeffs. My solution is more comprehensive and covers more activities.

LAST UPDATE: November 3, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

CJ-SmarterChairSelection.zip2.81 KB