Plantsim Cloning

DESCRIPTION: Plantbabies will be physical clones of the parent. Ideal Plantsim is no longer involved. No twins are possible.

Updated for more exact cloning.

I used christianlov's SimCloner as inspiration for the code changes. I finally figured out why my old version wasn't making exact copies. This version does.

Here is an example. You can see the sims are identical. Those are Enayla skin and eyes if you were wondering.

Babies will be the same gender as the parent plantsim. Before you ask, no I can't use this technique to control gender of normal pregnancies.

KNOWN ISSUE: The new baby may sometimes have adult wants, an aspiration other than Grow Up, and a lifetime want. Normally toddlers like this are considered a Very Bad Thing because it can be a sign of corruption in your neighborhood. However in this case it is a side effect of the way I clone the baby--I reproduce the parent as an adult and then age down to toddler. Sometimes the game notices the new sim before the down-aging so assigns adult aspirations and wants. I haven't been able to stop this behavior, but it is harmless. Merely having an aspiration and LTW is not itself dangerous so this mod should be safe in your game.

LAST UPDATE: September 11, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Seasons through Apartment Life.

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