Scrap Named Painting

DESCRIPTION: Changes the easel menu so instead of saying "Scrap Painting" it says, for example, "Scrap Vidcund's Painting".

Updated to fix name issues introduced by Pescado's ftminifixes.

If a painting shows the old "Scrap Painting" command, it means it doesn't have a valid owner anymore. This typically happens if the owner moves out or if the easel is moved from one household to another through inventory.

Works only if you are playing in English because I've removed the non-English menus to save space.

After much head-scratching over this mod's inconsistent behavior in a post-FT world, I finally realized the problem wasn't the core code. Pescado's ftminifixes (available at MATY) changes the way painting owner is stored (for the modders out there, he uses NID instead of OID). My mod checks both so should work whether or not you use his mod...except when it doesn't. Which leads me to...

KNOWN ISSUE: If you do NOT use ftminifixes, this mod may occasionally display the wrong owner. This is because in rare cases a sim's OID is the same as another sim's NID (if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it). This is purely a cosmetic problem and just something you'll have to live with since I don't want to support two versions.

LAST UPDATE: September 29, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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