Loan Jar

DESCRIPTION: An object that allows your sims to borrow money as needed.

Updated with some cosmetic changes to menus.

The Loan Jar appears under Misc/Misc in the catalog and looks like a tip jar. Sims can borrow money at an interest rate that defaults to 3% per day but can be set anywhere from 1% to 9%.

Every morning at 7 am, the interest will be added to the total balance. All payments must be made manually.

Technically, there is nothing that forces you to pay the loan. In fact you can borrow money, delete the jar, and not have to pay it back. This allows it to double as a money generator for people who need a sum of money between kaching and motherlode.

Loan Jar is also used with the latest version of Bigger Bills. Under Global Billing... you can adjust the neighborhood-wide billing rate from 0 (roughly Maxis default) to 6 (absurdly expensive). See Bigger Bills for more information. If you aren't using Bigger Bills, the setting has no effect.

If you change billing rate AND you have my Debugger on the lot, it will pop up a dialog saying what your new bills will be.

WARNING: If you move the family, you must put the jar in someone's inventory if you want to loan to move with them. Otherwise the loan will be automatically cleared when the family leaves the lot.

LAST UPDATE: February 29, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: University or later

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Inspired by Inge Jones's Mortgage Bush and monique's Automatic Payment Mod. Neither did what I wanted so I created my own. The money menu was blatantly stolen from the Money Order at MATY.

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