DESCRIPTION: Allows you to use aspiration points to change a sim's personality.

Updated to allow changes in either direction, and to take correct payment for partial points.

After Vidcund Curious died from the flu, he came back as a zombie. He and Olive Specter, another zombie, organized a class action suit against the Grim Reaper, citing incompetent workmanship. The Grim Reaper bowed to the court's decision and offered the Personalit-O-Nomitron as a way for zombies to restore their damaged personalities.

This led to another class action suit against Grim, this one led by Pascal Curious. This suit alleges discrimination, saying that the device unfairly excludes the living who have had personality damaged by other means or by simple genetics. Again the court ruled against the Grim Reaper. He upgraded the Personalit-O-Nomitron to be usable by anyone, but issued dark threats should the matter be raised again.

Rumors persist that Lazlo Curious was preparing a third class action suit shortly before his mysterious disappearance, but those rumors cannot be confirmed.

[The story above is pretty much what really happened. I developed this to help poor zombie Vidcund, then later extended it to other sims.]

This device, found under Electronics/Miscellaneous* for $1, looks like the Resurrect-O-Nomitron.

When you click on it you get up to three menus: Increase, Decrease and Restore. Increase allows you to increase a personality point for 30,000 aspiration points. Decrease allows you to lower a personality characteristic for the same cost. Restore replaces a personality point lost to zombification, lycanthropy, the SimVac, or any other means. Restore costs 15,000 aspiration points. These changes are instantaneous.

The device works in whole personality points whenever possible but in cases where it needs to change a partial point (due to lycanthropy personality changes or Encourage actions) it will take a proportionate number of aspiration points.

*Per natboopsie, it's actually found under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous. I don't play anymore so I can't check. Look in both places.

LAST UPDATE: March 11, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: University

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

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