No Hidden Woohoo

DESCRIPTION: Visitors will no longer leave when residents have woohoo.

The game temporarily hides people having woohoo. Starting in NL this is done by setting the "hidden" flag. This is the same flag used for sims who go to work or school, so it is an indicator the people aren't actually present. Visitors look around, find no unhidden residents, and leave.

This mod restores the pre-NL method of hiding woohooing sims, which just tells the game not to draw them.

Probably not needed if you use Visitors Leave, which prevents visitors from leaving when residents are hidden briefly, but I use both in my game.

LAST UPDATE: September 21, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: Nightlife (technically works in base game or University, but you don't need it in that case)

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Nightlife through Apartment Life.

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