Townie Enthusiasm Seeder

DESCRIPTION: Seeds townies with initial enthusiasm. This mod is necessary only if you create your own townies in CAS.

When a new sim is created, the game initializes hobby enthusiasm. This involved picking the One True Hobby and if the sim is not a playable sim creating initial enthusiasm levels. If you create sims in CAS and then convert them to townies, they will have enthusiasm of 0 in all hobbies and will be unavailable as hobby friends and possibly for some other hobby functions.

This mod finds townies and NPCs with 0 enthusiasm and marks them to be reinitialized. The change doesn't happen right away, but over time it will slowly seed townies with appropriate enthusiasm.

Again, this mod is not necessary for most players. You need it ONLY if you create custom townies, vacation locals, tourists or any other non-playable sim in CAS rather than letting the game generate them.

LAST UPDATE: January 14, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

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