Lockable Garage Doors

DESCRIPTION: Allows garage doors to be locked like other doors.

Updated to work with all garage doors, including custom ones. Updated again with an apthack-compatible version.

The locks affects only pedestrians so cars will go in and out as normal. Designed to keep sims from walking ten miles out of their way to enter through the garage door rather than the front door they are standing next to.

Since EA designed garage doors stupidly, to lock garages you have to click on a non-garage door. You will see a menu "Garage.../" that opens up a submenu with the normal lock choices. This will affect all garage doors on the lot. There is no way to lock garage doors individually. I have not included the special pet and roommate locks for garages.

As a bonus, all doors have updated lock menus. The current lock state will be shown as a grayed out menu selection. If the doors is locked to allow only one sim, that sim's name will be displayed.

KNOWN ISSUE: No "Garage.../" menu on apartment lots. I am unable to get garage door locks to engage correctly on apartment lots so I've simply disabled the function on apartment lots. This is unlikely to ever be fixed.

WHICH VERSION? Install only one of the two files below. Download "CJ-LockableGarageDoors.zip" if you do NOT use Pescado's apthack mod. If you do use his mod, download the "-apthack" version of this mod and make sure it loads after his mod.

LAST UPDATE: April 16, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Bon Voyage. Yes that's annoying but BV made fundamental changes to how locks work and it would be too much work to make it compatible with older EPs.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Bon Voyage through Apartment Life.

CJ-LockableGarageDoors.zip1.87 KB
CJ-LockableGarageDoors-apthack.zip1.88 KB