Fake Townie Sales

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie inventories from getting cluttered with junk from your stores.

When a store sells an object to a non-playable character (townies, downtownies, etc.) the object will disappear rather than being put in the townie inventory. Playable characters will receive the objects in their inventories as normal.

This mod is a blatant ripoff of Simulated Sales by BoilingOil. I liked his idea but his mod conflicts with Pescado's ofbfixes, and it prevents objects from going into playable sim inventories. If I don't want playables buying my stuff then I ban them, but I *do* want playables buying produce from my market since that's the way most people get fruits and vegetables in my game.

LAST UPDATE: May 15, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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