Loop Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes some of the annoying loop behaviors by blocking actions if the sim is going to quit immediately.

Updated to tweak on bubble machine, TV and a bunch of "join" activities. Fixed a missing EP check.

As an example, the original behavior which inspired this mod was: get book, sit down, open book, close book, stand up, put book away, stand there a second, hey look a bookcase!

Behaviors covered are read book, write in diary, watch movie, use bubble machine, play computer game, juggle bottles, play in hammock, tai chi, mah jong, llama game, slide down banister, remote control cars and helicopter, basketball court, plantsim "get a drink", tuck in (cribs and beds), dance solo, and using the diving board if already swimming.

Sims can still do these things, but will be smarter about not starting a behavior when other motives are low.

You might also want to get More Fun since that mod indirectly cuts down on the amount of looping by having sims stick with fun activities to lower motive levels.

Some looping activities had to be included in other mods instead of put in this one. The ones I can think of are:

LAST UPDATE: May 6, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from OFB through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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