Cyjon's Debugger

DESCRIPTION: A general purpose object, meant to compliment items like Pescado's batbox. Can be found in Buy Mode under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous as the pizza box.

Update to remove dangerous sims (genie, grim reaper, etc.) from all menus.

Some but not all of the functions are listed below. More details are in the included readme file.

Destroy Tokens.../(various)
Destroys tokens used by Bigger Bills, Plantsim Fix or Werewolf Personality prior to removal.

Commands to fix stuck movement modes, muted stereos, orphaned beauty wish tokens, and playable NPC states.

Information.../Appraise Lot
Gives the value of the lot and estimated bills. Works for normal game bills, Bigger Bills or any other bill modifiers. Now includes energy rebates from M&G.

Information.../Brothel Prices...
Displays Brothel Woohoo fees for each sim on the lot in relation to the selected sim.

Information.../Brothel Rejects...
Shows the reason various people in the lot are not eligible for Brothel Woohoo.

Information.../Lightning Protection
Reports the percentage chance a lightning strike will hit a lightning rod rather than an object on the lot. Works with both the regular lightning rods and Better Lightning Rods.

Information.../LTW Report
Displays statistics for all lifetime wants for the current sim.

Information.../My Chemistry With...
Reports numeric chemistry rating between any two sims. Ignores age, gender and family ties. Newest version gives a more detailed report than older versions.

Information.../My Relationship With...
Wonder why you aren't friends with a sim despite an STR of 70? Check the relationship to see the other sim's STR and LTR values.

Information.../Personality Report...
Gives personality ratings for any sim on the lot, selectable or not. For ghosts it will also list death type and anger level.

Information.../Weather Report
Lists precipitation, storm state and temperature.

Randomize My TOs
Randomizes the turn ons and turn offs of the currently selected sim. Now with an "Are you sure?" dialog.

University.../Fix Student
Correctly synchronizes student with Semester Changes.

University.../Grade Report
Gives information on student's current and estimated future grade.

LAST UPDATE: April 25, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: University or later

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Token destruction stolen from ACR by twojeffs.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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