Werewolf Personality

DESCRIPTION: Rather than continuously changing personality forever, giving all werewolves the same personality and making my Personalit-O-Nomitron useless, this changes personality only through the first 20 transformations. Transformations count only when the werewolf is a playable character so transforms when visiting other sims won't adjust personality.

This means that werewolves will experience no more than +5 to playful, active and outgoing and no more than -5 to neat and nice. This gives a final personality that is related to their pre-wolf state.

I'm not completely sure how this would work across multiple infections - if someone is cured and then bitten again. I don't think I destroy the token so it should remember how many personality changes occurred during the first infection and carry through the rest on the next.

Warning: If you ever want to uninstall this mod you must use Cyjon's Debugger to destroy the tokens first or risk corrupting your neighborhood. Instructions are included in the zip file.

LAST UPDATE: August 29, 2007


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Pets through Apartment Life.

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