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NEWS April 9, 2014 - You know why A Small Orange sucks? They are my new web host and they insist on throwing away legitimate emails from my clients of my writing business in an effort to "protect me from spam". I'm being forced to use my personal email address to stay in contact with paying customers. RBLs are total bullshit and a lousy way to fight spam. It's the equivalent of the post office blocking all mail from a Zip Code because one guy is sending junk mail. This crap is why I left ASO years ago and the only reason I came back is I foolishly bought a lifetime subscription so it's effectively free hosting. Here's hoping that, despite their efforts to block my ability to earn a living, my fortunes will turn and I can afford a real web host soon.

ETA: Not that anyone cares but I filed a tech support ticket and they said "Nope." I publicly embarrassed them on Twitter and they looked into it...and said "Nope." So now I choose between getting a VPS I can't afford (*not* with ASO) or risking the loss of future income because clients can't reach me. ASO sucks. RBLs suck.

No Butler NPC Harassment

DESCRIPTION: The butler will no longer dismiss NPCs who have been invited over socially.

Updated to make the page actually visible to visitors.

Apocalypse Fridge

DESCRIPTION: A special refrigerator created for the Apocalypse Challenge.

Updated to make the page actually visible to visitors.

Fake Townie Sales

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie inventories from getting cluttered with junk from your stores.

Frame Of Preference Fix

DESCRIPTION: Correctly marks the "Frame Of Preference" from Mansions & Gardens as an arch rather than a door.

New Genie Wishes

DESCRIPTION: Adds new wishes to the FreeTime genie.

Updated with a new Business Success wish and a fix for the bug that prevented Disease wishes from showing on the menu.

Lot Unsticker

DESCRIPTION: Experimental mod to fix owned business lots that get stuck in Buy/Build Mode.

Less Trash Duty

DESCRIPTION: Prevents autonomous "take out trash" unless bin is at least half full.

Updated to fix bug that locked out player-directed trash commands. Lowers trash threshold on owned business lots so sims can take out trash before customers complain. New version requires Smarter EP Check.

Less Leaf Play

DESCRIPTION: Sims will play in leaves less often.

Updated to fix a bug that caused toddlers to throw errors or reset.

Dance Advertising Tweaks

DESCRIPTION: Balances how attractive different dances are to sims. No more constant slap dancing.

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