Kitchen Appliances

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Apocalypse Fridge

DESCRIPTION: A special refrigerator created for the Apocalypse Challenge.

Updated to make the page actually visible to visitors.

Less Caffeine

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't autonomously drink coffee, espresso, or hot cocoa if they should be sleeping.

Update to prevent looping--grab a cup, take one sip, put cup down, take another cup, etc.

Auto Serve Espresso

DESCRIPTION: Autonomous use of the espresso machine will "serve" instead of "make".

Stuff Your Fat Face

DESCRIPTION: The "Stuff Face" fridge interaction adds fat points regardless of the sim's hunger level.

No Coffee Energy Failure

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't stop drinking coffee, espresso or hot chocolate due to sleepiness.

Cyjon's Permafridge

DESCRIPTION: Based on Inge Jones' PermaFridgeNL, it automatically fills all fridges at midnight. I've made it charge money for the food at the standard rate and I've made it compatible with all versions of the game including the base game.

Updated to work in apartments without throwing errors.

LAST UPDATE: January 23, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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