Teen Woohoo

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Brothel Woohoo

DESCRIPTION: Sims can now open a brothel and make money at the world's oldest profession.

Updated with improved pie menu.

Woohoo Teens Closet Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes closets to work with Jenflower's Woohoo Teens.

Influence Teen Adult

DESCRIPTION: Makes it possible to influence teens to have romantic actions with adults and vice versa.

Woohoo Teens Bed Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes Teen Style, IKEA and Apartment Life beds to work correctly with Jenflower's Woohoo Teens. Also useful for InTeenimater users.

Teen Adult Privacy Fix

DESCRIPTION: Teen and adult sims no longer chase each other out of the bathroom if they have crush/love for each other.

No Hot Tub Suicide

DESCRIPTION: Sims will not get into hot tubs if there is danger of a lightning strike, even if directed to do so by the player.

Naked Teen Hot Tub

DESCRIPTION: Allows teens to get in the hot tub naked (if their personality is appropriate) and join other naked hot tubbers.

No Date Age Limit

DESCRIPTION: Allows teens to date adults and elders. Requires Woohoo Teens. I have no idea if this is compatible (or even needed) with Inteeminator.

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