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Less Jealousy

DESCRIPTION: Changes the rules for jealousy.

Date Bandatron Fix

DESCRIPTION: Non-playable dates will no longer go to the the bandatron. When the playable sim pays the date is paid for as well.

Updated with a working version.

Date Gift Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a host of problems with sims leaving gifts for dates.

Updated for Apartment Life.

Problems fixed:

  • Dates no longer tiptoe. It's cute but frequently doesn't get cleared right, leaving tiptoeing townies.
  • Objects are left at the mailbox, which is more likely than the front door to have a large space available.
  • If the date can't find a place for the object, the object is removed rather than floating in limbo creating problems such as unachievable wants.

Date Go Home

DESCRIPTION: If you end a date on a residential lot and that date is with a townie or a sim from another lot (in other words, a non-selectable sim) then the sim will automatically go home.

LAST UPDATE: September 12, 2007

REQUIRED EPs: Nightlife

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Nightlife through Apartment Life.

No Date Age Limit

DESCRIPTION: Allows teens to date adults and elders. Requires Woohoo Teens. I have no idea if this is compatible (or even needed) with Inteeminator.

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