Exercise Activities

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Pregnant Yoga

DESCRIPTION: Pregnant sims can do yoga.

Soccer Quit Fix

DESCRIPTION: Similar to Basketball Quit Fix, sims won't insist on walking all the way over to the soccer net if you cancel the command.

Update to to fix jump bug introduced by last update.

Fewer Soccer Pests

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer autonomously try to pull other sims into soccer games if the target sim has a command queued.

Updated to add Loop Fixes type fix to keep people from constantly quitting and restarting.

No Weightlifting Weenies

DESCRIPTION: Fixes typical EA stupidity which makes active sims MORE likely to quit using exercise equipment than lazy sims.

Exercise Tweaks

DESCRIPTION: Tweaks on motive drops for exercise equipment, balancing them and getting rid of the absurd energy drops on FreeTime items.

Updated to include the exercise bike and punching bag.

Fitness Delta Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which could allow a sim's fitness to increase without limit or to stop at an arbitrary level.

Yoga/Meditation Fix

DESCRIPTION: Yoga and meditation commands will no longer drop out of the queue if the sim is not currently selected.

Jump Rope Fitness

DESCRIPTION: Jumping rope now builds fitness. The rate is the same as a radio workout.

No Auto Exercise Bike

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer use the exercise bike autonomously. Players can still direct sims to use it.

LAST UPDATE: July 22, 2009


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

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