Apartment Life

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Smarter Chair Selection

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter about choosing where to sit during activities like reading and eating pizza.

Update for smarter seat selection when listening to music.

Professional Blogger

DESCRIPTION: Sims can make money from blogging on the computer.

Update to extend higher earnings to sims with secondary Wealth aspiration.

Better Butler Meals

DESCRIPTION: Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners.

Fewer Leaves

DESCRIPTION: Trees drop leaves only the first two days of fall.

New Servos

DESCRIPTION: Makes several changes to servo activation.

Updated to split off servo skill speed into a separate mod.

Slow Servo Skilling

DESCRIPTION: Servos learn skills half as fast as other sims.

Butler Asks To Fire

DESCRIPTION: Butler will always ask before firing other staff.

Update so butler will ask only once, not once per NPC.

Memory Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes bugs with several sim memories.

Update to fix the gossip generated from the fixed memories.

Beauty Wish Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Adds sanity checks to the sims who visit after a wish for beauty. No more vacation locals traveling thousands of miles just to hang out by your mailbox and peek through your windows.

Update to force the wish controller to self destruct if the beautiful sim moves out.

Hobby Age Limits

DESCRIPTION: Limits maximum hobby enthusiasm by age.

Update to exclude non-playable sims (townies, NPCs, etc.) from the limits.

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