A Champions Online Fan Fiction

This is a Champions Online story that details the life of one of my characters from that game. The story is now done, though I occasionally come back and make small editing changes.

I tried to make this fanfic approachable for anyone though people who have played the game will probably get a bit more out of it. If you aren't familiar with the game plot, you can get background information from the Champions Online Wiki. [NOTE: The original wiki is long gone. I've changed many of the links to the new wiki, but it never got as comprehensive as the old one so there may still be some old links.]

Each chapter has a link to Author's Notes at the bottom. These notes include background links to help people not familiar with CO up to speed, talk about the events in the story in game terms, and include the tropes found in the chapter. Feel free to skip these sections and just read the real story. I actually stopped doing Author's Notes late in the story because I was in a hurry to finish, and nobody was reading them anyhow.

She is actually a recreated character. The original version was on an Inferno my silver account. This version is a Freeform but followed a similar path. She basically chose Inferno powers plus a self heal and an active defense.

The first four chapters cover her early life and lead up to the Qularr invasion that starts the real game. After that the stories come from game play. I didn't document every adventure she had. Rather I told the stories that affect her character development. Other adventures I referred to obliquely or pretended never happened. For example she did the Foxbat adventures in Westside, but as far as the story is concerned she didn't do them because the goofiness of Foxbat would undermine the fanfic.

I also probably violate canon, but I imagine a lot of Champions Online fan fiction does. I'm vaguely familiar with the Champions universe from the PnP version -- at least from the version that's about 15 years old -- but I imagine I'll get details wrong here and there. I did hunt down sourcebooks so I got a few things right, but I didn't work that hard at it. I figure this is my fanfic, not an official narrative. We'll call it an alternate universe since comic books do it all the time. Heck, CO itself does it.

There are spoilers here of course. There isn't that much to spoil since the plot isn't that complex but there is at least one shocking twist in the late game, though that twist is given away by the alerts. That's just one of many, many things the alerts have ruined in that game...but I digress.

I quit the game October 2012 because it became an enormous crapfest under (Im)Perfect World's ham-handed management. However I played her through level 40 and the Vibora Bay arc and recorded play using CamStudio, so I was able finish the story.

WARNING: She is a bit of a potty mouth. Strong language ahead. No sex. Comic-book level violence, maybe a bit more than comic-book level up to and including death, but nothing gory. (Well, OK, one mention of gore in one chapter.)

Onto the story.

NOTE: The actual story has been moved from this site to https://archiveofourown.org/works/23811391